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What Is an InSinkErator?

What Is an InSinkErator?

InSinkErator is the largest garbage disposal brand in the world. Here’s more about it!

The garbage disposal is perhaps one of the most ingenious inventions for household kitchens. It is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of smelly food waste products, among other benefits. An InSinkErator is just one type of garbage disposal, and one that you might want for your Maryland kitchen.

What Is an InSinkErator?

An InSinkErator is a brand of garbage disposals, the largest garbage disposal company in the world. Recently, Whirlpool has acquired InSinkErator for 3 billion dollars. Regardless, experts expect InSinkErator to have abundant sales in the coming months. 

One usually thinks of a garbage disposal as a machine below the sink that uses metal blades to shred food waste when put down the drain. However, the InSinkErator does not use blades. Instead, it uses centrifugal force to push food waste against a ring that will cut the food to bits. Through the force of physics, waste is liquified and sent on its way to the nearest sewage treatment plant. 

What You Can and Can’t Put in an InSinkErator

If you are unfamiliar with using a garbage disposal, it will help to know what you can and can’t put in it. One should avoid putting these things into a garbage disposal: lots of egg shells, shellfish shells, corn husks, grease, oil, and a large amount of scraps at once. Never stuff the garbage disposal or put non-food items through it.

Meanwhile, you can put small bones, cooked meat, fruit stones and seeds, vegetable scraps, corncobs, and ice down the InSinkErator. Everyday scraps and leftovers are fair game for the garbage disposal.

Benefits of an InSinkErator

Why use the InSinkErator? Through the decades, as early as the 1930s, the InSinkErator has been known for its high quality and performance. Many might consider garbage disposals to be loud and noisy, but the InSinkErator can be quiet. It also excels in removing food particles that would otherwise fill garbage cans and landfills, reducing waste and keeping homes cleaner. Could an InSinkErator be the next garbage disposal for your home? Landers Appliance can source and install one for you.

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