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Dish Drying Racks Can Be Harmful to Your Dishwasher!

Towels have a specific absorption rate. If you are not paying attention or have people in your house (such as teenagers!!!) who do not pay attention to such things you could be facing an unnecessary and costly expense. Once a towel is totally saturated, any additional water that comes in contact with the towel is going to run off. The towel cannot hold the extra water. Where the water runs to depends on the pitch of your counter top, the way the towel is laid out, the location of the towel relative to the edge of the counter top, etc. The picture we’ve attached to this blog shows an unlucky customer who’s towel ran over and the water overflowed into the front of the dishwasher control panel causing a short circuit. In this case, replacing the control panel exceeded the value of the dishwasher. Our recommendation is to use a plastic catch tray that is pitched toward the sink. Any water that drips from the dishes is funneled toward the sink, preventing the scenario outlined above. 

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