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Ground Breaking Technology in Refrigeration

I’ve attached a few links for further reading but this is how I see the advantages of this new technology and its impact on the refrigeration industry: First and foremost this technology provides a tremendous gain in life expectancy, especially when compared with oil lubricated compressors. Secondly there is no vibration since it is solid state and only has one moving part. This offers a dramatic improvement in wine preservation as vibration affects the molecular makeup of the wine, changing its taste. Thirdly this technology offers a very consistent temperature platform extending food preservation. Fourth, it is much more energy efficient. The current modulating compressors in today’s refrigerators have given a substantial energy savings compared with refrigerators 20 years ago. This new Disruptive Technology doubles down again and drops the energy usage even lower! Fifth, the physical profile is smaller allowing for greater internal capacity. And finally and maybe something that will prove to be the best of all is that the unit does not have to be stored or handled in an upright way. Since it is oil free, there is no fear of the compressor oil moving into the tubing and creating an oil restriction.
I found these statistics surprising and suspect you will as well. Haier is the number 1 worldwide leader in retail sales volume with 10.2% market share. They are number 1 in the world in retail refrigeration sales volume at 17% and they are number 1 in wine coolers owning 18.1% of the worldwide market! 

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