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Dryer Venting

A new dryer venting product is rapidly taking over the venting market, replacing all others. DryerFlex  made by In-O-Vate is a fantastic option to all existing types of venting, without exception. It is crush and flame resistant, it is extremely flexible, able to be contorted into a much tighter bend without collapsing, compressing without giving up any of its superior qualities.
DryerFlex has a UL rating of 2158A class 0 Listed. Most building codes (The  International Mechanical  and  Residential Building Codes ) use this rating as their standard, which means it can withstand a flame burning test of at least 430 F degrees (their advertisement states DryerFlex has been UL flame tested to 662 F degrees).  This is a very big issue when you consider that there are over 14,000 reported dryer fires a year in North America, making it a leading cause of home fires. Using the correct venting goes a long way in protecting your home against dryer vent fires because they are far less likely to build up lint, restricting air flow and setting up a scenario that causes fires. Keep your vent run as short as possible with as few turns as is necessary.  In the spring time birds sometimes build their nests in venting, requiring a thorough cleaning. If you notice your dryer taking long to dry than normal, it is very often a partial vent clog. Cleaning the vent usually restores performance levels. If a vent clog does occurs, having superior venting helps protect you from fire hazards.
Look at the chart at to see the characteristic differences between three varying types of venting materials on the market.


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