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How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktops can be tricky to care for without scratching or staining. Here are some tips for cleaning yours the right way!

The kitchen is one of the most high-maintenance rooms of the house. Complete with your main household appliances, plumbing, and your week’s provisions, it is the place where germs, spills, crumbs, and stains can occur the most. Even so, keeping your kitchen and kitchen appliances clean doesn’t have to be overwhelming in the least, even for sensitive items like your glass cooktop. For the proper way to clean a glass cooktop, read below!

Everyday Cleaning

One doesn’t have to worry about scouring the kitchen too often, but you will certainly keep your kitchen and glass cooktop much cleaner if you have the habit of cleaning up regularly. After all, a job is not complete until you’ve tidied up afterward. 

In your daily use of the glass cooktop, one will only need a couple of simple tools to prevent stains, messes, and deterioration. All you need is a non-abrasive wipe like a cloth, paper towel, or sponge and some water or white vinegar. If you use white vinegar, it is best to keep it in a handy, marked spray bottle. When you wipe your cooktop, be sure that it is completely cool first.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning can help maintain your cooktop’s longevity and keep it looking great too. It is recommended to deep clean a glass cooktop perhaps twice or once a month, or perhaps no less than once a year. This process will only take you around 15-30 minutes. 

Tools you’ll need include a cooktop scraper, cooktop cleaner, oven mitts, and a dry, non-abrasive cloth. Let the cooktop become warm before starting. Once warm, use oven mitts and scrape debris from the surface. Then, apply the cooktop cleaner according to the directions, and rub it in with a cleaning pad. Allow it to dry into a white haze, and then rub it off with a soft, dry cloth.

Next, rub a stainless steel cleaner on the stainless steel components in the direction of the grain. Once again, use a non-abrasive wipe. If you do not have a stainless steel cleaner, diluted liquid dish soap is also an option.

You can also clean your cooktop knobs by pulling them out straight and washing them in dish soap. Do not soak the knobs nor remove the seal in the back. Replace when dry.

Burnt-on Spills

Sometimes, burnt-on spills happen. If a sugary substance spills onto your glass cooktop, clean it off once the cooktop cools slightly, since sugars leave permanent stains. Use the cooktop scraper to remove the spillage and wipe it down with a cooktop cleaner.

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