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How to Fix Any Major Home Appliance

How to Fix Any Major Home Appliance

With these tips, you can fix any major home appliance!

Taking care of the modern home can be a full-time job; there is always something to clean, redo, replace, or maintain. Among the household objects that require active care are the major home appliances. Each of these sizable machines is a part of our daily lives, and without them, our schedules can begin to crumble faster than expected. If you run into a problem with any major home appliance, you can follow a specific set of steps to solve it every time.

What Counts as a Major Home Appliance?

A major home appliance is any machine that a household needs to live the modern lifestyle or any appliance that counts as a significant investment. The most prominent examples include the dishwasher, range, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and microwave oven. If you don’t have a range, then the stovetop and wall oven would count as well, along with the washer-dryer combo machine. While some people may consider the toaster oven, waffle maker, and blender to be major appliances, the ones previously mentioned qualify as the core set.

Determining Repair vs. Replace

Before going forth to fix one’s major home appliance, one should determine whether or not to repair or replace the given item. Check to see how old the appliance is and what the average lifespan for that product is. If it is on its last legs, it might be worth trading it for a newer, more efficient model. However, if it is possible to revamp your antique stove, dishwasher, etc., a company like Landers Appliance can also assist. Of course, whether it would be better to repair or replace would also depend on the problem itself.

Pinpoint the Problem

Next, research the symptoms your major home appliance is showing. Problems can range from leaks to strange noises to sparks. If your appliance is sparking, unplug it immediately and call the repairman! Meanwhile, other symptoms could turn out to be a sign of a problem that is either easy to fix or a job for the repair company.

Do It Yourself

Some problems are easy fixes, like replacing the water filter in your fridge’s ice maker. Other issues might be more complicated and require a higher dose of handyman talent. If you are confident in your handiness, you can order the broken part and replace it yourself, following all safety guidelines. Landers Appliance carries parts for an extensive range of household appliance brands and models.

Call the Appliance Repairman!

If you are not interested in fixing the machine or the project is too risky, calling a professional is the way to go. Preserving your appliance will save you money in the long run, and Landers Appliance can help you get back to life quickly. 

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