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How to Fix a Rocking Washing Machine

How to Fix a Rocking Washing Machine

If your washer is wobbling, there’s a way to make it stable again.

It’s always alarming when the washing machine starts violently vibrating, shaking, or walking across the floor. The reasons for a rocking washing machine can be either an easy change or a fix to its inner workings. No matter how simple or complex the problem may be, there is generally a solution to make your washer sturdy again.

Balance the Load

If you find your washing machine is rocking all of a sudden, it may be because of the laundry load rather than a technical issue. If you have one hefty item with several smaller items, your load can become unbalanced, with a large blanket or towel stuck to the side of the barrel while the rest toss around freely. Add another towel, coat, or blanket to the mix to balance it. In the future, always wash laundry of like kind together for the best balance. 

Level the Legs

Another common cause of a rocking washing machine is unlevel legs. You will need a level and a wrench. Place the level on top of the washer and watch for the bubble to settle in the middle of its glass tube as you slowly adjust the leg heights. If the machine has a self-leveling feature, raise all the legs up to 4-6 inches and release the washer. Once you cannot make it budge, tighten the locknuts on the washer legs.

Check the Shock Absorbers

Washing machines have shock absorbers that keep the spinning tub from affecting the rest of the machine. When these parts become weak or worn down, the whole appliance may start shaking and thumping loudly. If left alone, the wear and tear can weaken the washer. One can access the shock absorbers through the front or back panel; be sure to consult your washer manual to find them. Turn off the appliance before starting. If you see weak, broken parts or leaking fluid, you’ll need replacement shock absorbers, which Landers Appliance can supply.

Check These Other Components

Other parts that may need replacing are the suspension spring, the snubber ring, and the tub dampening strap, depending on your model. For the suspension spring and snubber ring, unplug the washer and inspect the parts from the front or back panel, like with the shock absorbers. Top-loading machines have four tub dampening straps each; if you see signs of wear and tear, you can have them replaced.

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