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Is It Bad to Put Dish Soap in the Dishwasher?

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Has this ever happened to you? Don’t worry; the fix is easy!

If you have been alerted to a kitchen catastrophe, the first step is to stay calm. You are doing the right thing by finding a solution and seeing if it really is bad to put dish soap in the dishwasher. Relax, and read on to learn more and solve your dishwasher problems simply and smoothly. Your local kitchen appliance repair company is here to help.

Yes, It is Bad to Put Dish Soap in the Dishwasher

Yes, it really is a bad idea to put dish soap as opposed to dish detergent in the dishwasher. Dish soap is for washing dishes by hand in your kitchen sink, but dish detergent is for the detergent compartment in your dishwasher. 

Dish detergent’s chemicals will successfully work with the water to make your dishware spotless. Dish soap, on the other hand, turns water into soap suds, essentially making your dishwasher inoperable. The result is flooding and an inability for the machine to process wastewater. In the worst-case scenario, it could ruin your dishwasher.

What to Do If You Put Dish Soap in the Dishwasher

Do not panic. Relax. The fix is easy. The first step is to turn off the dishwasher. You likely have soapy suds spilling onto the kitchen floor. It might even look like a 90s rave. 

The next step is to open the dishwasher, let it cool off if necessary, and clean up the mess on the floor and in the dishwasher with a mop and towels. Think on the bright side; you accidentally cleaned your filthy kitchen floor and made it smell and look great.

What If the Dishwasher Is Not Draining?

Do you notice standing water at the bottom of your dishwasher? Instead of soaking it up with countless towels, look for a drain function on your dishwasher. Look for debris around the base and dispose of it. Then, close the appliance and let the machine drain itself. If it still isn’t draining, look for clogs in the air gap and garbage disposal.

How to Make It Good as New

Now comes the fun part. Toss a half cup of an oil-based product into the dishwasher. It could be vegetable oil, corn oil, or olive oil. Close the machine and put it on a quick rinse cycle. The oil will break down the suds and let the water wash the dishwasher again. You could also use white vinegar, a commercial de-sudding product, or half-and-half oil and vinegar.  

Still Got Dishwasher Problems?

Is your dishwasher still not working? It might be time to ask a professional. Look up your local dishwasher repair company to check it out. If you live in the Baltimore area, Landers Appliance is here to help.

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