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How to Make Clear Ice Cubes at Home

three ice cubes

Want to learn how to make crystal clear ice cubes? Read here!

You might have noticed, especially if you get fancy drinks at the bar, that restaurants create drinks with perfectly clear ice cubes. The presentation is divine. Besides an impressive appearance, clear ice cubes also melt at a slower rate than cloudy ice cubes do, due to the lack of air bubbles. If you would love to have clear ice cubes (or spheres) every day, here’s how to make clear ice cubes at home.

What Makes Ice Cloudy?

Why are ice cubes cloudy, anyway? It is usually because of air bubbles that form while the water is freezing. When all sides are enclosed, air bubbles have nowhere to escape and will stay in the ice cube. Another possibility is that the water contains impurities like minerals. The clearest water is the freest from anything other than H2O.

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes at Home

Use Boiled and Distilled Water

One way to create ice cubes that are nearly perfectly clear is to boil distilled water twice. Filtered and distilled water are less likely to have as many extra components as tap water, even though tap water is still safe to drink and use for making ice cubes.

Boil your distilled or filtered water twice, allow to cool, fill it into an ice tray, and put in the freezer. Your ice cubes should be quite clear!

There is debate on whether consuming twice-boiled water is dangerous to your health or not, but it really is a matter of dosage and concentration of remaining salts, metals, etc., that might be present rather than a certain prognosis. This method is relatively safe and an affordable way to make clear ice cubes at home.

Use a Clear Ice Cube/Sphere Maker

Another method is to use an ice maker, but not just any ice maker: a clear ice maker! Clear ice makers are pricier, ranging between $30 and $70, but you can sometimes find a great discount online. If making clear ice cubes at home is your delight, then by all means, it is completely worth it.

If your ice maker is giving you problems, remember to keep it clean and call Landers Appliance if you have any ice maker repair needs in Baltimore, Maryland.

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