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Do You Have a Leaking Dishwasher?

Do You Have a Leaking Dishwasher?

Leaking dishwasher? It could be any of these causes.

A leaking dishwasher can cause a great alarm in your kitchen. No one wants to see a puddle forming on the kitchen floor or behind the kitchen cabinets. If you have a leaking dishwasher, it could be any of the following causes. Remember to call a professional appliance repair company like Landers Appliance to fix the issue safely and effectively. 

How You Know Your Dishwasher Is Leaking

It is fairly simple to know if your dishwasher is leaking or not. If your dishwasher is leaking, water might be coming out from underneath or the front of your appliance. If you cannot see the leak at first, you might suspect it if you smell a musty odor or notice mold growth around the dishwasher.

Possible Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

Damaged or Dirty Gasket

A gasket is the rubber seal around a door that insulates the appliance’s interior. A dirty gasket can contain such large grains of dirt that the gaskets are not fully sealing. This dirt buildup can allow water to leak out. A damaged gasket can also cause leaks; if this is the case, Landers Appliance can supply and install a new one for you!

Unlevel Dishwasher

The dishwasher must also be completely level for it to function properly. Its propellers and sprayers move water in all directions, and the drain at the bottom is supposed to collect the excess. If the appliance is not level, the excess water and rush to the door and leak out.

Detergent Issues

The wrong detergent or too much detergent can cause excess suds that cannot be contained. Be sure to follow the directions on your dishwasher to put in the right amount of dishwasher soap. 

Damaged Water Line

A damaged water line will naturally cause a leak, causing the water to flow onto the kitchen floor. Freezing temperatures can cause the water line to crack. Landers Appliance can get to the bottom of the issue and replace parts as needed.

Damaged Drain

A damaged or clogged drain forces dirty dishwater to settle at the bottom of your dishwasher. One can troubleshoot the problem to get the water to drain, or you can call Landers Appliance to come to your aid.

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