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Overloading Your Washer

A “Use & Care Guide” is produced for very specific reasons. The manufacturer spends a great deal of time and resources to determine the best way to use their products. I know some of what is written is designed to protect them against frivolous lawsuits but most of what is included is meant for owners to put into use, applying the best practices for everyday operation. 
For instance, most instructions say you should start to fill the washer and add the detergent once there is water in the bottom of the inner tub. Some instructions actually tell you not to add your clothes until AFTER the machine begins to agitate. No one I know adheres to this procedure! And usually no real harm is done to the machine nor is there a reduction in the cleaning results.
BUT …. Consistently overloading your machine is a NO-NO !!     I am not being overly dramatic because overloading DOES diminish the life expectancy of your machine. It DOES create a higher rate of breakdowns. It DOES negatively affect your washing results. Will you periodically make exceptions and jam the washer full of clothes?  Of course, but make sure it is an exception and not your standard practice!  
So, read your Use & Care Guide and abide by the acceptable loading procedures outlined. Make sure all your teenage and young adult residents in your home read it as well.
Happy washing!!!!
Photo is courtesy of Daniel Ward, Appliance service tech and business owner in Minnesota

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