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Samsung Washer Service Problem – slow draining

Please be aware that Samsung front load washing machines are susceptible to drain line stoppages. The primary cause we have found is from coins being left in pockets. The coins are small enough to slip through small openings and make their way down through the drain passage and wind up collecting in the drain elbow located between the drain boot and the drain pump. Even one or two coins can create a slow drain situation because the coins flip around, partially restricting the flow of water during extraction. Any restriction in the drain line effects the efficiency of the washer, as the machine will not ever reach full spin speed (and sometimes never even going into spin at all), leaving a greater amount of water in the clothes being washed, negatively affecting the dryer performance by increasing the dryer run time. The greater the amount of coins, the greater the restriction. Make it a habit of checking all the pockets of pants before laundering. Often times it is only one culprit in the house (you know who you are sir, so don’t try to deny it!) making it easier to monitor. Since today’s washers are not built as sturdy as earlier models It is wise to check all pockets regularly, removing any and all materials, articles, objects, etc in order to prevent any unnecessary breakdowns in your washer or dryer.

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