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Sanitizing Dishes with a Dishwasher

Sanitizing Dishes with a Dishwasher

Did you know dishwashers can sanitize your dishes? Here’s the how and why.

Dishwashers are the workhorse of kitchen cleanup, helping families and individuals across the country tidy up every day after every meal. During the holiday season, you will likely have a heavier load of dishes to do than any other part of the year, which is when knowing your dishwasher cycles comes in handy. In particular, here is how sanitizing dishes with a dishwasher works and why it is useful.

What Is Sanitization?

First, we must take a closer look at what sanitizing dishes means. Cleaning vs. sanitizing vs. sterilizing are completely different terms that correspond with different levels of cleanliness. The aim is to remove harmful microbes like bacteria and viruses from the dishware, but sterilization, the complete removal of microbes from the surface, is not necessary for the average home. It is also very difficult to sterilize dishes outside of a laboratory setting. The better alternative is to sanitize the dishes, which removes 99.99% of microbes from the surface using hot water above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Sani-Wash Cycle

The Sani-wash or Sani-rinse cycle can put an extra hour and a half into your dishwashing for the time and temperature it takes to fully sanitize the dishes. According to the USDA, the water temperature must be at least 140 degrees to sanitize, although 150 is ideal. Therefore, sanitizing dishes with a dishwasher is indeed doable. Load up your dishwasher just as you always would, and press the Sani-wash or Sani-rinse cycle.

Should You Use Detergent?

The power of water can be enough to clean items thoroughly, but in a dishwasher, you will still want to use a dish detergent during the sanitizing cycle to help get grease and crumbs off the plates, pans, cups, etc. The bleach in dish detergent can also help with the overall sanitization process.

Benefits of Sanitizing Dishes

Why should sanitizing dishes with a dishwasher be a part of your dishwashing routine? It is not something you need to do every load, but it is beneficial if you are hosting guests or have a family member who might be ill or immune-compromised. It can also be a way to take care of your dishes or clean the dishwasher itself. Should any issues arise with your Sani-wash cycle, call Landers Appliance!

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