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Should You Buy a Smart Refrigerator?

Should You Buy a Smart Refrigerator?

Wifi-connectivity is now available for refrigerators, but is it right for you? Read on below.

The Internet continues to reach new boundaries, and one of these is the kitchen. Wifi-connectivity in kitchen appliances is now possible, and the refrigerator is not exempt from partaking in the new frontier. Only a few models by a few brands are available today, but depending on how the technology develops, they may become more widespread. Below is a look at what a smart refrigerator has to offer by brand and things to consider before buying.

Brands That Carry Smart Refrigerators


Samsung is the brand that started the smart refrigerator trend. Its Family Hub fridge is in its third generation and comes in eight variations. It has a classic 21.5 inch computer screen that gives you a multitude of capabilities. You can send messages to family cell phones, automatically order food when it gets low, view the contents with interior cameras, look up recipes, play music, and know when you left the door open. Samsung smart refrigerators range from $1,599 to over $2,499.


GE’s Cafe series offers smart fridges starting at $3,176 that can connect to Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. GE’s models come with smart sensors alerting you when the door was left open and if any devices like the ice maker or water filter need replacing or repairing. When connected with your smart devices, like Alexa, you can order a new filter or tell it to make more ice, among other tasks. The greatest perk GE’s Cafe series has is a Keurig K-cup brewing system.


LG has numerous models with smart features, connectivity with Google Assistant or Alexa, and other neat facets. Its newest model, LG Instaview ThinQ, has yet to become available, yet boasts of just about as many functions as the Samsung Family Hub fridge, including Bluetooth speakers to stream music. They, and other LG smart fridges, have a window into the interior and double doors to reach frequently-used items while still encasing the rest of the contents. You can also purchase a smart refrigerator without the window. Its prices begin at $1,299.

Risks of Smart Refrigerators

When considering a smart refrigerator, one should think about its cybersecurity and its maintenance needs. As with other things of the Internet, refrigerators connect to personal information that can be abused by hackers or other malicious individuals. Also think about how useful smart features would be to you. If you think the model has adequate security and fills a real need, a smart refrigerator may be right for you. 

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