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Things to Never Put in a Microwave Oven

Things to Never Put in a Microwave Oven

Some things should never go in a microwave oven!

Microwave ovens are the workhorse of heating up leftovers in many households. They might not be one of the major kitchen appliances, but they certainly are one of the major minor players. Unfortunately, the use of kitchen appliances including microwave ovens has its hazards. Cooking is one of the top causes of house fires in the U.S., and this is because many fail to use the best practices to prepare meals safely. In this post, we shall discuss what things to never put in a microwave oven, ever.


Perhaps the most surprising item on this list is grapes. Microwaving grapes can cause an explosion in your microwave oven, which could possibly damage the appliance. It is best to avoid microwaving any item that has a total casing such as grapes.


Likewise, eggs are on the list of things to never put in a microwave. When cracked and relieved of their shells, one can make an excellent egg souffle in the microwave, but in the shell, it could cause a nasty explosion.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers, like grapes, can catch fire if put in the microwave oven. The microwaves can also cause them to release chemicals, potentially burning your eyes when you open the microwave door. It is best to cook hot peppers on the stove or in the oven.

Metal-Rimmed Dishware

Never put metal or metal-rimmed dishware in the microwave oven. Doing so will certainly cause a fire. For this reason, it is best to teach your children to not microwave with those gold or silver-rimmed cups, plates, or bowls early on.

Stainless Steel

Likewise, never microwave stainless steel. The most common stainless steel items would be travel mugs. Travel mugs, tumblers, and water bottles are designed to insulate against heat or cold, so microwaving these items will not warm up the liquid effectively and could damage the microwave oven.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil will catch fire if put in a microwave oven. Always remove it before heating up leftovers!

Plastic & Styrofoam

Metal and plastic are the two main types of non-organic materials to never put in a microwave oven. If you have plastic food storage containers or dishware, check to see if it has a “microwave safe” label on it before putting it in the microwave. If it doesn’t have the label, don’t microwave it. Styrofoam, a type of plastic, is also off-limits.

Frozen Meat

If you are trying to dethaw a frozen packet of meat, it is best to do it the proper way and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Don’t take the shortcut of the microwave oven; it will not dethaw the meat evenly and could spread existing bacteria.


Running this handy appliance with nothing in its chamber can damage it and possibly cause a fire; put a stop to it at once if you ever catch it running with nothing inside!

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