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Tips for Choosing a New Range

Tips for Choosing a New Range

Ready for a new kitchen range? Here’s a handy guide to help!

If you have decided it is finally time to get rid of your old kitchen range, you will naturally need a strategy to find a new one. Choosing a new range can mean the difference between culinary mishaps and divine cuisine. The quality and type of range you choose can change everything. Below, you’ll find several tips for choosing a new range in 2021.


Today, there are three types of ranges you can choose from: electric, gas, or induction. Electric stoves are popular, easy to use, and produce less heat. On the other hand, gas stoves are often the chef’s choice for precise and even cooking. An induction cooktop is the newest on the scene, using magnets to heat the pan or pot and thus cook your ingredients. Other options include dual fuel, which offers a gas cooktop and electric oven.

Style & Size

Any range you choose will more or less have the same depth. However, these appliances can have a width from 20″ to 48″ or more. While 30″ is the standard width, 20″, 24″, 36″, 40″, and 48″ are more common. Models narrower than 30″ are fit for smaller kitchens, while wider than 30″ are for serious professional kitchens. Meanwhile, ranges come in three styles today:

  • Free-standing: Free-standing ranges are the most common type, having controls located along the back and finished sides. One can simply push them into place between the cabinets to install.
  • Slide-in: Slide-in ranges require a special installation process and overlap the countertop. Today, more of these models have finished sides and are full-depth. Because their controls are on the front above the oven, they are sometimes called “front control ranges.”
  • Drop-in: Drop-in ranges are typically electric and drop into a slot between the cabinets suspended from the floor. They do not have a warming drawer underneath. 


When choosing a new range, don’t forget to look up all the features that one can come with. For instance, one can have a gas stove with sealed burners to make cleaning easier. One can choose to have smart features, temperature probes, double ovens, and oven steam cleaning. Your oven could even come with convection cooking or an air fryer!


It’s always important to set a budget. Today’s ranges can cost between $400 and over $2,000. Landers Appliance can help you purchase a great appliance, deliver, and install it too!

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