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Water and gas cooking appliances don’t mix!

This is a picture of a sealed burner gas range without the top cover on it, exposing the gas piping, and burner valves with their extending shafts. The electronic spark switch wires are protruding from below the black, moldy circular cover shields.  Just to the right is one of the burner heads totally coated with mold and corrosion. The entire base of the cooktop was filled with about 1″ of water. We checked everywhere and everything and have no idea how that much water could have made its way into this enclosed area. The customer has only been in the house for a few months. They were unable to light the burners using the electronic sparkers (no kidding!!!) so they resorted to lighting the burners using a match! Amazingly the left side of the range did not have the same amount of water because the range was slightly out of level so the burners did work! . This picture has generated some fascinating stories from our technicians who have experienced bizarre, unexplainable things over the years.     

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