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Whirlpool Introduces new technology for self cleaning ovens

The original self cleaning design required heating your oven
up to temperatures above 900 degrees for two hours or longer.  In order to protect home owners from being
injured due to the extreme temperatures, oven manufacturers had to lock the
door, preventing it from being opened any time the temperature exceeded 450

  Whirlpool’s new self
cleaning method is called AquaLift Technology, and it is all about energy
savings. After removing all racks and accessories from the oven cavity, you
have to wipe off the excess debris. A plastic scraper is useful in removing
loose debris (see below for info on a cleaning kit). Then take 1 3/4 cups of
distilled or filtered water and pour it onto the floor of the empty oven,
closing the door. The door will not lock shut but you must leave the door
closed during the 40 minute AquaLift self cleaning cycle. push the
“CLEAN” and then “START” button’s on the oven control. In
approximately 40 minutes the oven will have completed the self cleaning cycle.
Depress the “CANCEL” button on the oven control (this can also be
pressed at any time during the self cleaning cycle if you wish to cancel for
any reason but care must be taken as the oven will have 2 cups of very hot
water on its floor)   and is now safe to
open. Immediately at the conclusion of the self clean cycle, wipe up the excess
water and loosened debris from the floor, ceiling and walls. If there are still
stubborn soils, they can be removed by using a non-scratch sponge or plastic
scrapper. After following these instructions you are still confronted with a
soiled oven cavity, repeat the self cleaning process.

Besides being a great energy saver the AquaLift Technology
is also odorless (remember the last time you self cleaned your old oven and the strong odors it created?)! The surface material of the oven cavity prohibits use of any
oven cleaners, the use of chemicals, or metal scouring pads as they can cause
permanent damage to surface of the inside of the oven.   The only recommended cleaning products are Affresh Kitchen Appliance Cleaner and Affresh Cooktop Cleaner.   A cleaning kit (W10423113RP) is also available
that includes a scrubbing sponge, an expanding sponge and a scrapper for $7.50  

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