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Why Are Dirty Ice Makers Dangerous

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Beware of dirty ice makers! Here’s why cleaning them is so important.

Ice makers are an easy way to get the ice that you need on demand, but they require specific cleaning and maintenance procedures to ensure that they are safe. Many people do not realize that dirty ice makers are dangerous and even capable of making you sick. Why can a dirty ice maker be so dangerous, and how do they get dirty in the first place?  

How Do Ice Makers Get Dirty in the First Place? 

Many people never know that ice makers can get dirty, as they assume that they cannot have germs on them due to their extremely cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this misconception leads to dirty ice makers that have never been cleaned despite years of ownership. Some of the things that can cause dirty ice makers to become dangerous include:

  • Not changing the water on a regular basis
  • Not maintaining proper sanitation procedures when handling ice or parts of the ice maker
  • Not removing older ice and simply scooping out the fresh ice on top instead
  • Dust accumulation on or inside the machine
  • Never cleaning the inside of the ice maker
  • Not ensuring that the ice stays frozen in the event of power outages and allowing potential dirty water to refreeze 

Why Are Dirty Ice Makers Dangerous? 

A single dirty ice maker can make dozens of people sick, and that number is even higher if you own a commercial business. Dirty ice makers are dangerous because many people are not vigilant around potentially contaminated ice the way that they are around other things, like raw meat. Some of the things that can make dirty ice makers dangerous include: 

  • E. coli could be present in the ice in your dirty ice maker
  • Particularly in a business or restaurant environment, people with dirty hands can lead to fecal matter contamination
  • The plastic tubing used in your ice maker may have residue inside of it that could make people sick

In conclusion, ice makers only become dangerous when no one maintains them properly. Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are the tasks a responsible ice maker owner will keep up with. If you ever need repairs for your home ice maker, contact Landers Appliance!

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