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How to Use a Clothes Dryer the Right Way

How to Use a Clothes Dryer the Right Way

Do you know how to use a clothes dryer the right way?

When it comes to home appliances, the washer and dryer are likely the most wanted, non-essential ones out there (perhaps tied with the dishwasher). Of course, people can do without them, but they make life so much easier. Without your own washer and dryer, you have to take everything to the laundromat, pay for each load, and sit and wait for it to be done. Having your own washer and dryer gives you almost all of that time back. But do you really know how to use a clothes dryer the right way? Most people have a general understanding but don’t appreciate the fine nuances of doing it more efficiently and effectively.

Load It Properly

If you load the dryer the most effective way, your dryer will run more efficiently. Shake out each item when switching it from the wash to the dryer. Make sure that you’re drying different weight fabrics in different loads. Don’t ever toss something wetter into a partially dried load. Finally, don’t overfill the dryer but also don’t dry just one or two things at a time (that’s a waste of all that energy to heat the whole drum).

Keep It Clean

There are 2 parts of the dryer that need to be cleaned periodically. The dryer lint screen should be cleaned between every load. Even a small layer of lint will make the average drying time increase and make the machine work harder. You should also clean the moisture sensor about once a month because dryer sheets leave behind a faint residue that can cover it.

Do Several Loads In A Row

As long as your dryer is heating properly, you will get your best results when you do several loads in a row. This will decrease the amount of energy the machine uses (on average about 12% of the total energy use of the home) because it means that the dryer doesn’t have to fully heat up each time. Limiting how often you open the door will also help you to conserve that heat.

Replace Your Vent System

Your dryer vent system is the part that pulls the warm moist air out so that hot, dry air replaces it and drying continues. Replacing the standard venting tube with a rigid venting system that is as short as possible will help your dryer run more efficiently.

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