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Why Buy an Undercounter Fridge?

Why Buy an Undercounter Fridge?

Is an undercounter fridge right for your kitchen?

Refrigerators come in more than one form these days. You can find smart refrigerators with invisible computer screens, fridges with different door and drawer configurations, and specialized fridges, such as chest freezers or wine coolers. Today’s homeowner has many options for customizing their refrigerated or frozen storage needs as much or little as they’d like. What about an undercounter fridge? 

What Is an Undercounter Fridge?

The undercounter fridge might seem like the fancier version of the mini fridge, which is more common in college dorms. Undercounter refrigerators are not the same, however, as they are designed to fit under the counter and in between kitchen cabinets, taking into account ventilation and dimension needs. They also have more features, and many to choose from at that. For instance, your undercounter fridge could store drinks, fresh produce, or provisions for parties.

Uses for Undercounter Fridges

These built-in under-counter appliances are perfect for storing drinks only, extra groceries, or party food. You could use it to store leftovers, too. What’s more, you could use it as the main refrigerator for a studio apartment or vacation rental. Although it is small, it could be sufficient for one or two people short-term. However, people usually use it in addition to their main refrigerator for a specialized purpose.

Options for Undercounter Fridges

What exactly are your options for undercounter fridges? You can find practically as many configurations for these as you would for refrigerators and freezers in general. Options include beverage fridges, double-drawer fridges, and fridges with freezers like a normal refrigerator. Some fridge freezers even have ice makers. 

With these different configurations, you also have the options of undercounter refrigerators with clear glass doors, stainless steel doors, or integrated doors that blend in with your kitchen cabinets.

Where to Put Your Undercounter Fridge

Your undercounter fridge could sit under your kitchen island or near the edge of your kitchen. The main refrigerator usually sits near the edge of the kitchen so that anyone can get what they need even if someone is busy cooking. 

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