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How to Buy a Refrigerator

How to Buy a Refrigerator

See how to buy the coolest of refrigerators in these easy steps!

Buying a refrigerator when the old one goes out or becomes too old is a more exciting household duty than one might expect. It’s an investment to keep your meals, produce, and drinks freshest for the longest. Plus, it’s a chance to elevate your kitchen’s look. Below is an overview of how to buy a refrigerator, step by step.

Refrigerator Style

The first matter to settle on is the refrigerator style. When you buy a refrigerator, it is important to consider both the initial fridge layout and what each model has to offer. In 2021, French door refrigerators have a popularity of over 60%. Listed from most popular to least, other models include side-by-sides, bottom-freezers, and top-freezers. Interestingly enough, your standard top-freezer has the most usable space relative to its dimensions. One should peruse the pros and cons of each to make a fair decision of what’s best for your family.

Refrigerator Dimensions

A refrigerator needs to have at least one inch of space on all sides to allow for ventilation. Also, make sure you can fit your new fridge through the doorway. Most refrigerators come in a set of standard sizes, so it will be easier to compare and contrast models once you have your size. Once again, keep in mind that just because a refrigerator is bigger doesn’t mean it has substantially more space than a different model of the same size might add.

Refrigerator Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also all-important. After all, your fridge’s main job is to keep your provisions cold and fresh. You can look at energy rating reviews to compare and find the best brands and units. You can also look at Energy Star ratings, but know that an unrated fridge can actually be more energy-efficient than a labeled one. Compare annual operation costs and kilowatt-hours used per year for a true understanding.

Refrigerator Trends 2021

In 2021, manufacturers keep innovating their food-storing inventions, which has led to some interesting developments. Some of these include TVs and touch screens in the doors, smart home connectivity, drawers just for soda, and an ice ball maker for specialty drinks. Some of the most practical features include door-in-door access to door shelving, freshness controls, and more efficient internal shelves.

Getting a Sale

You can confidently buy a refrigerator when you know exactly what style, size, and features you want. If you don’t need a new one immediately, you can wait for a holiday sale or see if Landers Appliance can fix your old one. Otherwise, Landers Appliance has a grand selection; once you’ve chosen yours, they can install it too!

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