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5 Common Refrigerator Problems

5 Common Refrigerator Problems

Do you have a puzzling refrigerator problem? Landers can help.

Your refrigerator is a staple in the kitchen, providing fresh and frozen foods without the need of an ice house. Unfortunately, like all other machines, it is prone to malfunction at some point. Your refrigerator may be more likely to undergo some problems than others, which could be an easy fix or a job for the repairman. If you’re having trouble with your fridge, check to see if it is one of these five common refrigerator problems.

1. Refrigerator Keeps Running

If your refrigerator keeps running, you’d better catch its problem fast. This situation is common and typically requires nothing more than wiping off the dust from the condenser coils. Before taking on any mechanical investigation, cut the power from your appliance to avoid electric shock. If cleaning does not fix it, try setting the fridge temperature higher. If it continues to run constantly, call your local appliance repairman.

2. It’s Too Noisy

Another common issue is a refrigerator that’s noisy beyond normal. The sounds may come from the evaporator or condenser fans, which run at the same time near the condenser coils. With guidance from your refrigerator manual, cut off the power, and inspect the fans for broken parts. Landers Appliance sells parts to help your refrigerator and other appliances live their fullest life.

3. It’s Leaking Water

Water leakage may be alarming, but do not fear! It is also one of the refrigerator problems that often has a simple solution. It is usually because the defrost drain, located in the back and usually accessible from the interior, is clogged with debris. Another reason is that the water supply line is frozen. Consult your manual to access each of these, and remember to keep safety first! 

4. It’s Icing Up

Is your refrigerator building up ice? If your freezer is starting to look like the arctic, there’s good news. Either your household keeps the freezer door open for too long, or the door seal is faulty. Always keep the freezer shut as much as possible, spending minimum time digging in the interior. If a piece of paper, such as a dollar bill, falls through the closed door, you know you’ll need a new door seal.

5. It’s Too Warm

If your refrigerator is too warm, it may be that the temperature is set too high. If it is set to the proper temperature, however, it may be a job for a repairman. The condenser coils are usually to blame, and because of this, it is often better to call a professional. For assistance with any of your refrigerator problems, contact Landers Appliance!

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