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All Types of Microwave Ovens: Placement

All Types of Microwave Ovens: Placement

What’s the best placement for a microwave oven? Check out the types here.

These days, microwave ovens are not just the compact appliances that sit on people’s kitchen countertops. They do not merely pop one’s popcorn or heat up TV dinners. They have many functions and features, some even able to bake or grill. One of the most important aspects of this nifty appliance, however, is its placement, and various models have the design to fit those configurations. Read below to learn about all the various types of microwave ovens on the market.

On the Counter

The first type, which some may overlook, is the traditional counter microwave oven. This model has various pros and cons, and a homeowner should not be quick to opt for a different type just because it is new and innovative. With a traditional type of oven, one has the flexibility of placing it in different locations and easier access to its interior for repairs. Of course, it does take up counter space, which some people would much rather avoid.

Under the Counter

Another newer option is the drawer microwave oven or under-the-counter microwave. Some models still have the door that swings out to one side. This may be a hassle, as it necessitates bending over more often and possibly hindering traffic flow. Drawer microwaves also can include much bending over, but these function just as well as any other kitchen drawer and have a high microwaving performance. 

Above the Counter (Suspended) 

If you want all the counter space you could possibly have and don’t have a built-in convection oven, a microwave oven suspended from an upper cabinet could be your solution. Just be sure that there is still enough space underneath it for the counter to be usable, or else a regular microwave would be more practical. 

Above the Range

Another version of a suspended microwave oven is the kind situated above the range. These act as both a hood and a microwave, so you can have two appliances in one. They also save counter space. On the other hand, like all built-in appliances, they will cost more than the countertop versions, which often fall below $100. 


If you have a built-in convection oven or floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, a built-in microwave oven above the convection may be a good option for you. This design will streamline your kitchen and keep objects off the limited counter space. Even so, if your appliance malfunctions, you will have to completely remove it from the wall to fix the problem.

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