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8 Unusual Microwave Hacks

8 Unusual Microwave Hacks

Get the most out of your microwave for cleaning, cooking, gardening, and more!

Microwave ovens are nifty cooking machines; not considered as essential as a range, they still end up being an appliance we use every day for heating up our hot beverages and leftovers. A microwave isn’t useful for these everyday cooking tasks alone, though. Microwave ovens have many different applications for food and beyond. Here are eight of the most unusual microwave hacks you can try for yourself!

1. Rehydrating Bread

Perhaps you have bought a French baguette and let it sit in the bread box for a week. Within that short time, you may have found your baguette is hard as a rock. Microwaving moisturizes objects, and bread is no exception. To aid the softening, you can wrap a damp kitchen towel around your bread.

2. Juicing Citrus Fruits

Believe it or not, you can get more juice out of your citrus fruits. If your lemon, lime, or orange has shriveled or comes cold and hard from the refrigerator, it will be harder to get the maximum juice from it. Microwaving for around 20 seconds or until warm to the touch will make it easier.

3. Soften Crystalized Honey

Sometimes, if you have had a bottle of honey in the cupboard for a long time, the whole batch of honey will crystalize and become seemingly impossible to use anymore. Honey is a powerful food with many health benefits, perfect for sore throats, high blood pressure, and much more. Microwaving crystalized honey is one of the microwave hacks you shouldn’t ignore.

4. Disinfect Sponges

Sponges are some of the nastiest creatures in the kitchen. However, the sponge does have its place, and there’s a way to keep it from getting too germy too often. Soak it in water with white vinegar or lemon juice, squeeze, and plop in the microwave for powerful disinfection. 

5. Disinfect Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic cutting boards may be useful, but they have gotten a bad reputation for harboring bacteria more easily than wooden ones. To sanitize, wash your cutting board thoroughly, wipe down with lemon juice, and pop it into the microwave for a minute.

6. Sterilize Soil

One of the most unusual microwave hacks may be that of sterilizing garden soil. Growing vegetables and flowers at home successfully includes having disease and pest-free soil. Microwave ovens can steam the soil and kill off the bacteria.

7. Rejuvenate Beauty Products

Various beauty products like mascara and lipstick can harden over time. Once again, heating up these old makeup products is the solution. It’s a microwave hack that’ll keep you looking your best!

8. Heat Up Heating Pads

If you have back, neck pain, or another condition in which a heated pad would help your health, the microwave oven is your go-to device for warming up your pad. To make a homemade version, dampen a towel of applicable size, roll it up in a plastic bag, and heat up for a minute or two. Be careful; it may be hot! 

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