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Apartment Size Washers and Dryers: Pros and Cons

Apartment Size Washers and Dryers: Pros and Cons

Are apartment size washers and dryers right for you? Below are some pros and cons.

Apartment size washers and dryers, also known as compact laundry machines, are up-and-coming appliances that are novel for their unconventional yet promising size. If someone lives on their own, in an apartment, condominium, trailer, or another petite dwelling, a compact unit is certainly worth considering. However, as with any machine, this duo comes with its pros and cons. Carefully research to see if it is the right fit for you.

Pro: Fits Where You Need It

The main benefit of apartment size washers and dryers is that they are smaller. If you need them to fit in a small niche in the wall, under countertops, or stack on top of each other, you can likely do that with compact versions. Some models are a 2-in-1 machine, able to wash and then dry your load. Some people have placed their appliances on wheels so that they can transfer from one room to another with ease as well. If your priority is in saving space, compact machines can fit in your tiny home and still get your laundry done effectively.

Con: Limited Loads

The downside of having a smaller appliance is that you can only fit so much in it at once. If you have a lot of laundry to do each week, especially if you have a family, it means way more loads per week than with a regular appliance. Apartment size washers and dryers may also require longer cycle times than ones of normal size. If you have large loads and little time, going bigger will be better for you.

Pro: Features

Even though they are smaller, these machines can have all the features you would want from a washer or dryer. For example, the top washers can include a sanitization feature that can take out nasty germs from clothes, plush toys, and towels. Many compact appliances also do not require vents to the outdoors, making them easy to put anywhere you need to in your small space. 

Con: High Cost

Unfortunately, the standard compact washer and dryer set costs about double the price of a standard-sized duo. While a regular one may cost over $400, an apartment size one can cost $700-$900 per unit. This expense may be due to the small market that they serve, while standard appliances serve a broader community.   

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