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Are Washer Dryer Combos Worth It?

Are Washer Dryer Combos Worth It?

Are washer dryer combos all that? Discover the pros and cons.

One of the newest inventions in the household appliance market is the dazzling washer dryer combo machine. Two-in-one, you no longer have to haul over your wet clothes into the dryer or worry about damp laundry sitting in the barrel for hours on end. However, word has spread that they are not as fabulous as one might expect. Are washer dryer combos worth it? Consider the pros and cons below.

How They Work

There are two kinds of washer dryer units on the market: vented and ventless. The difference affects the drying cycle more so than the washing one. A vented machine sucks in air from the room, heats it up, and takes out the moisture from the clothes with it. The now humid, warm air leaves the chamber through a vent to the outdoors. 

A ventless unit heats up the air that is already inside the barrel and dries a load of laundry this way. Instead of pumping out the humid air to the outside, the machine condenses the water droplets and lets the liquid out through a drain. With both types of machines, the drying cycle repeats with the now dry, warm air.


Many countries in Europe and Asia have already been using washer dryer combos for years and never had a crisis with them. They can be a great solution for those living in small apartments or other dwellings, or for people who just want to save some space. It is small enough to fit under a kitchen counter.

Another benefit is that you can set the machine to wash and dry your clothes without having to intercede in between washing and drying. Whether you do the laundry during the day or at night, you can come home or wake up to fresh, clean clothes. 

If you prefer to line-dry your load, you can set the machine to only wash it instead. Line-drying your clothes can save on energy costs and be gentler for your clothing too. It is good to know, though, that in the case you need the help of a dryer, it’s there.


The rumors that washer dryer combos are somewhat unsatisfactory are true. While the washing cycle does just as well as a regular washing machine, the drying cycle can take too long and only dry half of the load. On top of this inconvenience, systems that use a heat exchanger use water to power the drying cycle, using up to 210 extra liters. In some cases, it may be more convenient to air-dry your clothing than to use the machine. Even so, washer dryer combos are steadily improving as designers develop this invention.

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