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Refrigerator Compressors Today

Refrigerator Compressors Today

If your new fridge runs longer than your old one, here’s why.

Most of us have heard the joke about the refrigerator running away, but sometimes, we might have concerns if our refrigerator seems to be running all the time. If you notice your new fridge running a lot more often than your old one, you most likely do not need to be alarmed. Here’s a look at what is really going on and what you can expect with refrigerator compressors today.

What Is a Refrigerator Compressor?

A refrigerator compressor is one component of the refrigeration mechanism. It works with the evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve to keep your fridge and freezer cool. The compressor is just one piece that compresses refrigerant gas to produce heat.

How It Works

It all begins with the refrigerator compressor. It pumps in refrigerant gas leftover from the evaporator and compresses it so that it creates heat. That product then goes into the condenser, which liquifies it by cooling it down. The expansion valve cools it down further plus reduces its pressure, so some of it turns into a gas. Whatever liquid is left goes into the evaporator, which evaporates it into a gas, and the process repeats.

How Long It Should Run

This process used to only happen between 40-60% of a given day, but refrigerator compressors today run between 80-95% per day. Although it is more often, it is at different internal speeds, so the appliance still remains efficient. In fact, this new process is part of what gives it an Energy Star rating. Therefore, if you notice your refrigerator running a lot more than you’re used to, it is likely just because of the new refrigeration method. 

If you notice it running 100% of the time without ever stopping, you have cause for concern. Landers Appliance can help you diagnose and address the issue in the Baltimore area!

Why It Might Run Longer

A refrigerator could run longer than usual for reasons that are easy to fix. 

  1. Dirty condenser coils: These coils sit at the back or bottom of a fridge and need occasional cleaning. Otherwise, the dirt can make the machine exert more energy.
  2. Open doors: If you keep the refrigerator open for a long enough time, it will eventually tax the appliance and make it work overtime to keep cool.
  3. Ambient temperature: If your house or kitchen is warmer than usual, your fridge will notice and work harder to compensate.

If those aren’t the issues, it could be any part of the refrigerator, such as the evaporator, door gasket, etc. Of course, Landers Appliance is here to help!

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