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How Long Does a Microwave Oven Last?

How Long Does a Microwave Oven Last?

A microwave oven can last over 8 years, with your help!

The microwave oven was invented by accident over seventy years ago when an engineer accidentally melted his pocket snack with a military-grade magnetron. Today, after many years of development, this invention has become a must-have appliance in over 94% of American homes. Microwave ovens, like other major household appliances, have a limited lifespan that depends partly on how you use them. Below is the answer to the question, “How long does a microwave oven last?”

How Long Does a Microwave Oven Last?

The average life expectancy of a microwave oven today is around eight years, although manufacturers mainly design them for ten years. A microwave oven can last longer or shorter than this average, depending on not only its quality, but also on what you do and don’t do.

What Not to Do

There are numerous ways that you could accidentally shorten your appliance’s lifespan. Some of these include the following:

  • Microwaving foods in non-microwavable dishwares such as stainless steel and gold-rimmed dishes
  • Not covering splatter-prone foods
  • Slamming the microwave oven door, which can break the locking mechanisms
  • Running the appliance empty, which can lead the microwave particles to damage the interior
  • Running it too long
  • Not providing enough ventilation; crowding the appliance with other objects
  • Keeping it on the same circuit as large appliances
  • Microwaving very heavy items

Ways to Extend Its Lifespan

One might discover that he or she has been using the microwave quite as well as one thought! However, that’s the best place to start when learning how to take care of this machine best. Ways to make your microwave oven last include:

  • Keeping your microwave oven clean
  • Cleaning its grease filter
  • Closing the door with reasonable force
  • Running it for shorter periods
  • Alleviating pressure in certain foods, like potatoes, to avoid a mini-shock in the oven
  • Covering your foods
  • Following your appliance’s user manual
  • Ensuring proper air circulation around the unit
  • Plugging it into a non-crowded circuit or using a surge protector

Signs It’s Time for a Repair 

Another good way to make your microwave oven last the longest is to repair it when necessary. Landers Appliance can safely evaluate and repair your appliance.

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