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How to Maintain Your Microwave Oven

How to Maintain Your Microwave Oven

Keep your microwave oven in top condition with these easy tips.

Microwave ovens are a daily part of life, helping us heat our snacks and leftovers with ease. As one of our kitchens’ most-used appliances, it is best to keep it in prime condition for as long as possible, extending its supposed 10-year lifespan to double. Below are seven ways to maintain your microwave oven.

Don’t Slam the Door

First, don’t slam the microwave oven door. Just as it is good manners to not slam your front door or any other door, it is kind to your microwave oven to close its door normally. The microwave’s door ensures that no microwave particles escape the chamber while it is active, only unlocking once cooking is done. Its multiple locking mechanisms consist of many parts that must work together in perfect synchronization. All of these parts are usually plastic, which means extra care is necessary.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your microwave oven clean may be more important than you think. Suppose you accidentally forget to cover your spaghetti dish and tomato sauce splatters the interior walls. If you don’t clean it up at once, the microwave particles will cook those stains and possibly damage the interior when you use the oven again.

Don’t Use Metal Dishware

Ever put a gold-rimmed dish in a microwave oven? You might have witnessed a line of electricity reach from one end to the other right before you hurriedly stopped the power. Avoid using metal dishware or ones with gold or silver trim. Also avoid putting aluminum foil in the microwave.

Clean the Grease Filter

You might not have known it, but your microwave oven likely has a grease filter. On the underside of your appliance is a tray you can easily slide out that traps grease and cooking fumes. Soaking the filter in hot, soapy water once in a while won’t hurt.

Don’t Run It Empty

This way to maintain your microwave oven is simply a matter of being careful. Sometimes, someone might intend to use to timer but run the machine instead. Damage could occur without something for the microwaves to heat up.

Don’t Run It Too Long

Likewise, don’t run it for too long. Running it for fifty minutes on high could not only burn your food but fry your microwave too. One way to avoid cooking your food or beverage too long is to use the preprogrammed cooking times.

Get Professional Repairs

One should avoid trying to fix the microwave oven oneself. As a high voltage electric appliance, it requires skilled handling to avoid electrocution. Landers Appliance has the experience and know-how to take care of your microwave oven problems and issues with any other major household appliances you own.

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