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Why Is Hot Air Coming From the Microwave Oven?

Why Is Hot Air Coming From the Microwave Oven?

Is hot air coming from your microwave oven? See why it likely is NOT a problem!

Microwave ovens are helpful any day of the week. On the other hand, they come with their myths and potential concerns. Many people have feared standing in front of this invention for fear of radiation, and it does not put one at ease when one feels hot air coming from the microwave oven. Why is this happening, and should you be concerned? Learn more below!

Hot Air Coming from the Microwave Oven?

As you waited for your delicious meal or snack to heat up, you might have felt warm air blowing from the microwave oven. It even appears to be slowly cooking your perishables close by on the counter. Is this a sign that your microwave is defunct? While it is not impossible, it is not likely that the air is coming from a door leak. See if it is coming from a vent in the appliance. Countertop microwave ovens have vents on the sides, bottom, or both to keep them cool while the magnetron generates heat. Therefore, it is completely normal for your countertop microwave to emit warm air, given that it is from the vents. If you feel warm air coming from your over-the-stove microwave oven, it could be a problem since this type should vent into the range hood.

Are Microwaves Dangerous?

Now that you know that hot air coming from the microwave oven isn’t dangerous, it can be helpful to know that microwaves themselves are also not particularly hazardous. In a microwave, the magnetron generates microwaves that cause friction, and thus heat, with the moisture molecules and objects within the chamber. Microwaves are actually the same as radio frequency waves and are non-ionizing, so they do not linger and die off almost as soon as you open the microwave oven door. Should any microwaves leak into your kitchen or break room, you will likely face minimal to no danger whatsoever.

Even so, microwave doors are designed to prevent the RF waves from escaping. The door is a certain thickness, and the metal mesh allows people to see inside but prevents microwaves from leaping out. There is no danger in standing in front of a microwave oven, either.

Microwave Oven Repair

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