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Why Is My Dryer Not Heating?

Why Is My Dryer Not Heating?

Dryer not getting hot? It’s a common problem and fixable!

So, you’ve noticed that your formerly-trusty dryer seems to be sleeping on the job, producing damp, chilly clothes blobs you can neither fold nor wear. This is indeed a bummer, friend, but don’t submit to despair! There are plenty of common potential reasons your dryer is failing to generate that much-needed heat—and a guide just below on how to identify them!

Read along as we dive into possible culprits behind your dryer not heating properly, along with suggestions for speedily getting things back on track.

Power Problems

Before we start tinkering with the dryer, let’s make sure it’s getting the power it needs. Double-check that it’s plugged in snugly and that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. Sometimes a loose cord or power interruption can be the sole sneaky cause of a dryer’s total lack of heat—an immediate fix, and therefore always worth checking first. (Happens to the best of us!)

Load Size and Wetness

Now, about that exoplanet of laundry you just crammed in . . . We’ve all done it, but overloading the dryer or tossing in soaking wet clothes can put a serious, um, damper on its heating abilities. Please don’t fill the dryer beyond ¾ capacity; breathing room is needed for hot air to circulate and work its moisture mitigation magic. 

Lint Screen and Vent Obstructions

A clogged lint screen or a blocked dryer vent won’t directly cause your dryer to lose heat, but they can definitely mess with its performance. A fuzz-filled lint trap will slow down airflow and, with enough accumulation, make drying a never-ending affair—not to mention a fire hazard. Clear the lint screen after each use, and give it a deep cleaning every six months. Wet a nylon brush, add a dash of liquid detergent, and scrub away any residue. Rinse it off, dry it, and voila—good as new. Be mindful of the dryer vent, too, of course, and clear/clean as necessary.

Heating Elements and Thermal Fuses

In electric dryers, a heating coil is tasked with turning cold air into toasty warmth. Gas dryers, on the other hand, use a burner for the feat. If either of these systems is damaged, it’s no surprise that your dryer won’t be heating up. Diagnosing (let alone replacing) these problem components can be a bit tricky and may require expert assistance.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it—the most likely reasons why your dryer’s not heating and your clothes are cold, damp, and sad. From the well-documented necessity of electricity to the stubborn clumpiness of lint and more, we’ve covered the basics of dryer troubleshooting. Remember, if these simple fixes don’t work, the professionals are always on standby and ready to bring (back) the heat.   

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