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Is Your Oven Overheating?

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If you think your oven is overheating, here’s what to do!

Is your oven overheating? There’s an easy way to find out. Before you do it, though, ask the questions below. It could be an easier fix than you think, and could be possibly no problem at all. If it passes the test, then you can conduct a simple test to know if your oven is actually overheating. If it is, read on til the end.

Is Your Oven Overheating?

  • Are you following the recipe?: It could be that you have overcooked your dish, and the oven is getting hotter than it should be.
  • Have you accidentally left the oven on?: It is dangerous if you leave it on for hours, as it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire.
  • Is the oven really dirty?: The oven will cause any leftover food bits to burn the next time you turn it on.
  • Is the oven’s exterior too warm?: While the oven’s top, sides, and door shouldn’t be too hot to touch, it is normal for them to get warm when the oven is operating.

If your oven has passed inspection thus far, but you still wonder if it is overheating, set the oven to a specific temperature with an oven safe thermometer on the center rack. Once the temperature sets, see if the oven’s reading and the thermometer match.

Why Your Oven Might Be Overheating

Faulty Temperature Controls

  • The thermostat: This part works with the temperature sensor to control the heating elements.
  • The temperature sensor: This sensor should sit at a 90-degree angle.
  • The thermostat knob: Some ovens have a knob to set the oven temperature.
  • Calibration: Sometimes, the oven might just need recalibration.

Other Oven Components Controlling Temperature

  • The cooling fan: This element keeps the oven from overheating.
  • The heating elements: The heating elements are the tubes that glow red when the oven heats up. Dirty or damaged heating elements can cause overheating issues.
  • The oven vent: This element lets out hot air and could be blocked.

If It’s Something More, Call a Professional!

Whether your oven is gas or electric, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t fiddle about with electricity and natural gas unless you absolutely know what you are doing; call your local oven appliance repair company to get a professional, safe oven evaluation and repair.

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