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Will Hard Water Ruin My Dishwasher?

glassware in dishwasher

Can hard water do dirty damage to dishwashers? Let’s find out.

Dishwashers are life-changing; if you hate washing dishes or like to have extra time to relax, then a dishwasher is a game-changer. However, like all machines, dishwashers can run into problems, and one of the most common is hard water, which is water with a high concentration of minerals through chalk and limestone. Will hard water ruin my dishwasher? Find out here.

Does Hard Water Ruin the Dishwasher?

Hard water may ruin the dishwasher over time as the mineral deposits build up in the machine. The more the limescale builds up, the more it weighs down and clogs it. It will eventually cause your dishwasher to work harder than it has to, wearing it out sooner than later. 

You can tell if hard water is affecting your dishwasher through the following signs:

  • Limescale buildup on various surfaces in the dishwasher interior
  • Decrease in dishwashing efficiency
  • Subpar dishwasher detergent performance

There is more at stake when running hard water through your dishwasher besides shortening your dishwasher’s lifespan and risking limescale clogs. Your dishes could suffer, too. If your detergent fails to clean, then food pieces could remain stuck on the dishes. Glassware can become clouded and even permanently damaged, utensils can grow dull and pitted, and plates and cups become streaky and stained. Look for signs of clouding, streaks, stains, and hardened bits of food on your dishware to know if there is a complex water problem.

How to Prevent Hard Water from Creating Damage

There are three main ways to prevent hard water from ruining your dishwasher and your dishes. It is best to use all three suggestions.

  • Use a better detergent: Some dishwasher detergents can specifically handle cleaning dishes with hard water, neutralizing the minerals so they do not do their dirty work. 
  • Clean your dishwasher: Clean your dishwasher’s interior once a year to get rid of limescale buildup and other grime. The go-to method for cleaning your dishwasher is to run a cycle using hot water with nothing in it but a bowl of white vinegar on the center top rack. You can mix in baking soda and lemon juice if you want, as well.
  • Use a water softening system: If your home uses well water, you may need a water softening system to reduce the effects of mineral and limescale buildup. A whole-home water softening system can help you in all areas of water use.

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