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Do You Need a New Clothes Dryer?

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Is it time to repair or say goodbye to your clothes dryer?

A clothes dryer is not the most common household appliance across the world, but when you go from not having one to having one, it is a game changer. It is nearly impossible to go back! A clothes dryer takes moisture from clothes directly outside where it belongs rather than letting it humidify your home. Do you need a new clothes dryer? Let’s find out.

Signs You Need a New Clothes Dryer

It Frequently Breaks Down

Some people might prefer to get a new clothes dryer the moment something goes wrong, but you will save a lot of money if you call for repairs. If the repair is more costly than a new dryer or the dryer requires repairs too frequently, then it will be better to get a new one.

It Has an Odd Smell

Dryers can get dirty, too, even though they are drying clean clothes. Be sure to clean the lint tray before and after every cycle, and clean out the dryer vent periodically to prevent a fire. Do not overuse dryer sheets, as they can leave a residue in your dryer and on your clothes. If you have cleaned the clothes dryer multiple times and it still has a foul smell, it might be best to get rid of it before it ruins your wardrobe.

It Makes Odd Noises

Does your dryer go bump in the night? Although it would be something if your clothes dryer became animated, it is more likely that it either has bulky, clunky items in the load or has internal issues. Parts might be rubbing against each other; the dryer might not be level. See if a repairman can pinpoint the issue first before throwing it out.

It Doesn’t Dry Consistently

The point of a dryer is to dry your clothes, bedding, and towels, so if it fails to heat the load consistently, you won’t be getting the most out of the machine. If it is simply going bad, then it might be worth replacing rather than repairing.

It Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

Is it so worn out that it is taking an abnormal amount of time for the clothes to dry, despite the repairman’s best efforts? It is taking up more energy than it needs to, and it’s worth getting a new, energy-efficient model.

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