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Parts of a Dishwasher: Your Appliance Guide

Parts of a Dishwasher: Your Appliance Guide

Understand your dishwasher parts with this guide!

A dishwasher is a humble but luxurious kitchen appliance; it helps you sanitize your dishes, save water, and save time so you can do something else! As a dishwasher owner, understanding your appliance helps you take good care of it. It’s easy to learn the parts of a dishwasher. Here’s your guide to learn about it. If you suspect something wrong with your dishwasher parts, Landers Appliance can help you in Baltimore, Maryland!

Internal Parts of a Dishwasher

Heating Element

The heating element heats up the water during the wash cycle and heats up the air during the drying cycle. Without the hot temperature, the dishes can’t get sanitized or dry easily.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is a device that lets water into the dishwasher per cycle. The dishwasher machine controls how much and when water goes into the dishwasher’s interior.

Circulation Pump & Motor

The circulation pump and motor control the water pressure and rotation. It forces the water through the spray arms, which we’ll discuss next.

Spray Arms

A dishwasher typically has rotating spray arms at the top and bottom of the dishwasher interior. They shoot temperature-controlled water at the bottom dishes, top dishes, and everything else according to the wash cycle.

Filtration System & Drain

The filtration system and drain are at the bottom of the dishwasher. Wastewater drains from the dishwasher down this drain, but a filter catches large debris. If your dishwasher is flooding, all you might need to do is clean the filter.

User’s Parts of a Dishwasher

The everyday dishwasher user won’t have to worry about these parts except for long-term maintenance. What you want to know about for weekly dishwasher use is the information below.

Dish Racks

Dishwashers typically have two racks. The top rack is for cups and smaller dishware, and the bottom rack is for larger plates, pots, etc. Newer models have a third rack at the very top that is for utensils like spatulas, serving spoons, bread knives, etc.

Silverware Basket

The silverware basket hangs onto one side of the lowest rack. Naturally, it’s where you can put all your forks, spoons, knives, metal tea balls, etc.

Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser

The dishwasher detergent dispenser is on the door’s inner side. The dispenser drawer will have instructions on it labeling what goes where.

Door Latch

Once the door latch is closed, your dishwasher will be able to start whatever cycle you choose.

Control Pad

Use your dishwasher manual to choose the best dishwashing cycle through the control pad. 

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