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What Should Your Freezer Temperature Be?

What Should Your Freezer Temperature Be?

The right freezer temperature setting and storage habits will help keep your food preserved!

Keeping your freezer at the right temperature can be the difference between a perfectly-preserved steak and a tough, ice-encrusted hunk of meat. Starting at the recommended temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit is a suitable freezer temperature to start with, but in some circumstances, one may need to vary the setting. Below is more on making sure your freezer is set to the ideal temperature.

Signs Your Freezer Temperature Is Right

You will know that your freezer temperature is perfect the way it is when the freezer is free from frost and ice. If your freezer interior is covered in frost, then the setting is probably too low. Meanwhile, ice in the freezer is often a sign that excess air is getting into the compartment. Ice encasing the interior may mean that the door was left open, and ice around the gaskets, the seal around the freezer door, means they could be leaking.

Another sign that the freezer temperature is on point is that your food is free from freezer burn. Freezer burn is the formation of ice crystals around food products, which one can prevent by letting food fully cool before storing.

Lastly, you can know you need to turn down your freezer’s temperature if your ice cream is melting. Ice cream consistency is a great indicator of how well your freezer is working.

How to Adjust Your Freezer’s Temperature

One can adjust the freezer temperature by first locating the controls. In refrigerators, the temperature control for the fridge and the freezer is usually combined. One can typically find it on the top center, the side interior, or on the door. You may need to adjust your freezer’s temperature based on the temperature and humidity around the appliance. Allow 24 hours for the freezer to adjust.

Freezer Food Storage Tips

Some ways to assist in ideal freezer temperatures have to do with storage habits. For example, keeping your freezer 70-80% full will help to retain the coldness. In addition, keeping the freezer stocked with meat rather than baked goods will also help keep that cold temperature. In case of a power outage, do not open the freezer as long as possible.

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