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How to Replace a Microwave Oven Light Bulb

How to Replace a Microwave Oven Light Bulb

Replacing a microwave oven light bulb is easier than you think.

While microwave cooking is usually the butt of culinary jokes, it is an essential part of life for many. And surprisingly, the microwave light is an important part of the process. The light doesn’t provide any power or do any of the cooking, but that cooking only happens when the door is closed; the interior light is the only way to see the food while the microwave cooks it. If your microwave light has gone out permanently, you don’t have to replace the whole appliance. Replacing your microwave lightbulb is actually something that you can pretty easily DIY. Read on to learn how.

Find The Right Bulb

Before you get involved in taking your microwave apart, make sure that you have the right type of bulb. Start by looking up the microwave’s model to determine the correct wattage and size of the bulb you need. Your local hardware store may have the bulb in stock, or you could order it online. Don’t start taking the microwave apart until your actually have the bulb ready to go.

Get Your Tools Together

Once you have the bulb, get the rest of your tools together. You will likely need a Philips head screwdriver, but you might need a flat blade screwdriver and possibly even a nut driver. Most microwaves use Philips-style screws, so that is the most likely candidate. You should also have work gloves to protect your hands from potentially sharp components of the microwave.

Unplug The Appliance

Never work on an electrical appliance while plugged in, even just to do something as simple as changing a bulb. Always play it safe, and unplug the appliance completely before beginning work. 

Access The Bulb And Replace It

The lightbulb compartment will be accessible from either inside the microwave or behind it. If a visible screw secures the inside cover, that is how you access the bulb. Simply unscrew it, and remove the cover to get to the bulb. The cover may also be secured with a clip or clamp that needs to be released. Once the bulb is accessible, remove it and replace it with the new one and then replace the cover and screws. If you can’t remove the cover from the inside of the microwave, you will need to open the cabinet from the back. Remove the mounting screws from the edge of the back panel so that you can remove the cabinet cover. Remove the mounting screws from the lightbulb cover, and pull that back as well. Remove the old light and replace it with the new one, then replace the light cover, cabinet covers, and screws.

Test It Out

Once everything is screwed back in, plug the microwave back in and make sure that the new bulb is working. If it isn’t, contact an appliance repair shop for assistance. 

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