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Should You Separate Lights and Darks?

Should You Separate Lights and Darks?

The answer to this age-old question could be more complex than meets the eye!

Doing laundry is more than just washing clothes. It may seem like a simple, mundane chore, but there is much more to it. One can look at it as a science and even an art. A raging debate that has lasted years within the clothes washing category is exactly how to wash clothes, namely whether or not one should separate lights and darks. Below, we shall take a brief look at this question. If you need any assistance with finding a new washing machine or repairing your current one, contact Landers Appliance!

Clothing Categories

Whether or not to separate lights and darks when doing laundry is a common question, but the answer is more complicated than yes or no. There are more clothing categories than one, including fabric type and soil level. One could argue that virtually every piece of clothing needs tailored attention for its cleaning needs. Instead of just separating clothing by light and dark, one could go a step further and separate clothing by color, or at the very least by white, lights, and darks.

Benefits of Washing Lights Alone

There are several benefits of washing lights or whites alone. When washing whites, one can use bleach to one’s heart’s content. You can focus on removing tough stains and using the most powerful chemicals to do so. You also don’t have to worry about dark colors leaching into your light-colored clothes.

Benefits of Washing Darks Alone

A benefit of washing darks alone is that if a fabric loses some of its dye, it will not really affect the other clothes. One can also focus on retaining your dark clothing’s rich colors with specific laundering practices. One should use strictly cold water and use the least amount of detergent possible. It is also possible to use a detergent made specifically for washing dark clothes.

Washing New Clothes

A good rule to have in your home is to wash brand-new dark clothing separately in a sink. The item may need to be washed several times before it stops leaching dye. This method will remove any concern that your darks will ruin your other clothing, light or dark.

Is It Necessary to Separate Lights and Darks?

Is it necessary to separate lights and darks? The short answer is actually “no.” However, separating lights and darks is a great way to keep clothes in their best condition.

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