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Common Washer & Dryer Problems

Common Washer & Dryer Problems

Is your washer or dryer acting up? It could be one of these common issues.

We little think about our washers and dryers, simply going about our lives doing the routine laundry. It’s when something goes wrong that we suddenly realize what our lives might be without these machines. Fear not; there are several common washer & dryer problems that can easily be fixed either by you or a swift inspection and repair by a professional.

Machine Won’t Turn On

One of the most common washer & dryer problems is that the machine won’t turn on. It could be because of many different reasons. For example, it could be an external issue. The outlet might be faulty or the circuit may have tripped. Alternately, the issue may be as simple as clothes distributed the wrong way in the barrel. Otherwise, it could be a mechanical problem that a professional should look at.

Water Is Leaking

A more serious issue that can happen with the washing machine in particular is leaking water. If your washer is leaking, there is something wrong with the seal around the door. The seal, also known as the gasket, can be easily replaced by a professional.

Washer Won’t Drain

Another typical washing machine issue is the water not draining from the machine. The water should drain through a hose connected at the back. With this problem, there are multiple solutions. If it’s a mechanical problem, reset the machine by unplugging it and plugging it in again. Check to see if the hose is clogged or sitting improperly. If it still isn’t working, a repairman from Landers Appliance is happy to help.

Dryer Won’t Heat

As for dryers, the worst yet most common problem it can have is a failure to heat up. Without heat, it cannot dry the clothes. First, check that nothing is blocking the dryer from taking in air. The intake vents are usually at the front. Next, check if you have a good-sized laundry load in there. Too many clothes can stifle the appliance’s airflow. If it is due to a faulty heating element, call Landers Appliance.

The Barrel Won’t Spin

Second to the machine not turning on is the barrel not spinning. The belt could be the issue, but more often, it is because of the lid switch working improperly. The lid switch keeps people from sticking their hand into the machine while the barrel spins, automatically turning it off when the door opens. In either case, Landers Appliance is always ready to be at your service.

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