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Tips to Buy a New Refrigerator in 2023

stainless steel fridge doors and handles

Looking to buy a new fridge this year? Check out this guide!

In 2023, you have more options when buying a refrigerator than ever. You have multiple fridge styles, multiple sizes, multiple features, and new and exciting finishes and colors. Today, you can listen to music or read the news through your refrigerator. With all the choices, it helps to have some guidelines on how to make the best decision. Check out these simple tips to help you buy a new refrigerator in 2023. Landers Appliance in the Baltimore area is happy to assist you in making your purchase!

Measure Available Kitchen Space

The first step is to determine the exact measurement of your available space where the refrigerator will go. Measure the height, width, and depth of the space. You will need to give about 2.5 inches of space for the fridge doors to swing open on either side. You should also have a little room in the back for ventilation. With these measurements in mind, you can choose between different refrigerator styles, such as counter-depth fridges.

Consider Your Storage Needs

The next step is to consider how big your fridge needs to be to feed your family. You could be a couple that plans to have room for guests or a small family that rarely has visitors. Whatever your ordinary situation, you can calculate how many cubic feet of space you will need per person. The standard is about 4-6 cubic feet per adult; a standard fridge has 20 cubic feet.

Choose a Refrigerator Style

You can now move onto choosing a refrigerator style, which you can determine based on your lifestyle. You can find top freezer and bottom freezer models; the top section is easier to reach because you won’t have to bend. However, children can reach refrigerated snacks more easily at a lower level. Top refrigerator styles include side-by-side, top-freezer, bottom-freezer, and French door.

Consider the Features You Want

Popular refrigerator features include the following:

If any of these features stand out to you as a great asset to your daily life, they could be on your priority list and influence the style you choose.

Choose Refrigerator Color & Finish

In 2023, you can decide between shiny, matte, and fingerprint-resistant finishes, along with stainless steel options. Popular colors include white, black, stainless steel gray, or new colors like orange, blue, pink, etc. You could also blend your fridge into your cabinetry with paneling.

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