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When Ice Maker Ice Smells Bad

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Does your ice have a funny smell? Check out these possible causes.

Ice makers can be within refrigerators or separate appliances in homes. No matter where your ice maker resides, it is a handy machine enjoyed by millions for keeping beverages cool. It is not so nifty when it begins to give less-than-perfect ice, however. What does it mean if your ice maker ice smells bad? Here’s how you can pinpoint the cause and what steps to take next.

Why Ice Maker Ice Smells Bad

If your ice maker ice smells bad, it is usually for one of two reasons. Either the ice is getting its bad odor from the fridge contents or from somewhere along the water supply. Within these two categories, you can find even more possible causes. If your ice smells like fish, garlic, or some musty odor, it could be one of the reasons below.

Absorbed Smells from the Fridge

If your ice cubes have sat in the refrigerator long enough, they could absorb any odors in your fridge. Potential culprits could be the following:

  • Exposed food: Do you have any food that is open to the refrigerator air? It is best to keep all products in a closed container, such as a food storage container or a Ziplock bag. Otherwise, the air and ice could be affected and the food could degrade from oxygen exposure.
  • Spoiled food: Do you have any food items you have long forgotten in the fridge? Chances are it has gone bad and is causing the whole fridge to smell, let alone your ice. 
  • Mold growth: Are there food spills and mold in your fridge? A musty smell would give the first clue. Empty your fridge and promptly wipe away and sanitize its walls and shelves. It also helps to wipe down your food and beverages that are still good.

Dirt in the Water

  • Contaminated water supply: Is your fridge well-organized with no spoiled, open, or spilled contents? In that case, it could be that the ice smells bad due to a contaminated water supply. You would know if your tap water also smells bad. You may need to clean your home’s water pipes or install whole-home water filtration.
  • Dirty fridge water line or filter: Your refrigerator sources water for ice through a water line. The water goes through a filtration system and turns into ice cubes. Your ice quality could suffer if your water line is dirty or your water filter is expired, but cleaning and replacing the filter should fix this issue. 

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