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Tips to Use a Top-Load Washer

Tips to Use a Top-Load Washer

Are you using your top-loading washer the right way? These tips can help you make the most of it.

Dirty clothes can pile up quickly throughout the week, especially if you have a family of four or more. It can be challenging to do laundry with that in mind. Fortunately, top-load washers can help you stay on top of your laundry duties and remove even the toughest fabric stains. You can optimize your appliances by learning the best ways to use them. Here are some excellent tips to follow on how to use a top-load washer. 

Sort Your Clothes

It’s best not to dump various types of clothing into your washing machine. You can get the most out of every wash cycle by sorting your fabrics by the recommended water temperature, colors, and setting. 

It’s also best to empty pockets of loose change, buttons, and debris that can become loose during the wash cycle. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, pretreat them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Add Detergent

Once you sort and prepare your laundry for washing, measure your detergent and pour it into the machine. We recommend following the detergent manufacturer’s instructions to pour the appropriate measurement for your load size. 

Washing machines come with dispenser compartments for liquid fabric softeners or powdered detergents. For liquid detergents, you can typically pour them directly into the machine. 

Add Your Laundry 

For the best wash cycles, it’s best to load your clothes in loose piles around the washer basket wall. Your clothes should move freely for proper cleaning. Therefore, it’s best to avoid tightly packing the wash drum. 

You should also pay attention to if your washing machine has an agitator. If so, you will tangle your clothes. If so, you don’t want to wrap long items around them tightly. 

Add Fabric Softener (If This is Your Preference) 

Some washing machine models allow you to add fabric softeners to dispensers. Other models require that you add it manually during the final rinse cycle. 

If your machine comes with a fabric softener dispenser, add a measured amount and dilute it with warm water (to prevent a buildup) to ensure it reaches the “Max Fill” line. If there isn’t a dispenser, you will have to add it manually. 

Add Fabric Brighteners or Stain Removers (If You’d Like) 

If you like fabric brighteners or stain removers, add these products to the bottom of the wash basket before loading them into your laundry. If your washing machine has one, you can add them to a designated dispenser. 

Also, you might have to pretreat garments with heavy stains. Some advanced washing machine models have a pretreatment station, allowing you to soak and scrub your stains directly in the washer with a built-in faucet and brush to clean the stain before it sets. 

Select the Appropriate Washer Cycle and Settings 

Once you’ve added your laundry, detergent, and fabric treatments, close the lid and choose the most appropriate wash cycle settings. It’s best always to read garment care labels to protect your clothing. 

Here is what to include in particular wash cycle settings: 

  • Regular: Cotton clothing, sweatshirts, pajamas, t-shirts, and mixed loads
  • Colors: Athletic wear, brightly-colored clothing, dark colors, dress shirts and pants, jeans, and no-iron materials
  • Whites: Baby clothes, table linens, socks, undergarments, and white clothing 
  • Delicates: Delicate undergarments, machine-wash silks and wools, and pretty much any material you’re concerned about damaging with other wash settings
  • Bulky items: blankets, coats and jackets, machine wash curtains, non-rubber lined rugs, sleeping bags, and sheets
  • Towels: Dishcloths, terry clothes, and towels 

It’s best to know how to use a top-load washer and all washing machines to extend their lifespan. Overloading a washing machine or not properly loading it can cause damage over time. Also, using too much detergent has its downsides. Contact Landers Appliance today if you need your top-load washer repaired or if you’re looking for a new washing machine or dryer. 

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