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Using the Modern Washing Machine

Using the Modern Washing Machine

Your modern washer might have different rules than your old one; here’s what to look out for.

The washing machines of yesteryear may have lasted us perhaps thirty years, but now, it’s time to buy a new one. One will find that the modern washing machine is different .from the older versions, for better or worse. Unfortunately, some people find this out later than sooner. Before you begin using your new washing machine, check out this guideline on how you might need to use your modern appliance differently from your last one.

Setting Up

The first step is to hook up your washing machine to the water and power supply. Your appliance delivery team can do it for you, or you could do it yourself. One must remember to remove the transit bolts, plastic pieces that hold parts of the machine in place while in transport. If you don’t remove them, you could damage the machine when running it. It is advised to keep the transit bolts in case you move and take the washer with you.

Test Run

Next, one should perform a test run of the machine to ensure no leaks. If professionals are hooking up the machine for you, they may do this step for you. Otherwise, you will need to a complete cycle with an empty washer before using it for your laundry.


Even if you find reading the manual tedious, it is best to read the instructions carefully so you can have a head start in figuring out how to use it the right way, the first time. It will instruct you how to use this particular appliance and help you avoid making potentially damaging mistakes.

Loading Right

Your modern washing machine will have specific guidelines on what load size you can use per washing program. Depending on the model, the machine may even tell you the maximum or recommended load weight per cycle. All in all, you should never load the machine too full or too little, as either case can disrupt the machine’s sense of balance, drum rotation, and washing ability.


Be careful not to put in too much detergent, either. Although you might have a bigger load, it doesn’t mean you need more detergent. Modern washers use considerably less water than older ones and will adjust the water amount used, so one also needs to use less detergent.

Wash Cycle

Modern washing machines have many new cycles that an older model might not. Feel free to explore and take advantage of them to suit your unique laundry load’s needs. Be warned, though, to avoid using the speed cycle too often, as it can wear the appliance out faster.

Letting It Dry

When the cycle is over and your clothes are on the line or in the dryer, leave the washer door and the detergent drawer open for at least a day to let them dry out. Keeping the remaining moisture cooped in those places can cause mold growth, but airing them out will prevent that.

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