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Ice Maker Problems: Common Causes

Ice Maker Problems: Common Causes

Got ice maker problems? It could be one of these common causes.

Refrigerators are one household item we rely on every day. While we typically keep them around for perishable food storage, we also use them for other things. More and more, refrigerators are becoming smarter and gaining smart features. Even so, there’s one extra feature of the fridge that remains a classic for parties, sore muscles, and summer days: the ice maker. Should anything go wrong with yours, check out whether it could be one of these common ice maker problems.

First Things First

An ice maker consists of various parts, and a malfunction of any of these parts could disrupt your ice maker’s production. Therefore, checking out the condition of each part will help you determine what the real problem is. Remember to unplug your fridge and shut off the water line before troubleshooting.

Clogged Water Filter

One of the most common ice maker problems stems from a clogged water filter. A water filter might not be necessary for your ice machine, but it does help improve the purity of the ice. One should replace it regularly depending on how often you use it. Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for locating the water filter, and check for debris.

Frozen Water Line

If the ice maker has stopped making ice or is not making enough ice, it could be because of a frozen or partially-frozen water line. If this is the case, disconnect the power line and water line first. Then, thaw out the water line with a blow dryer, making sure to keep the device above the water to avoid electric shock.

Clogged Water Inlet Valve

Another component of the ice maker is the water inlet valve, usually located at the back of the refrigerator. Turn off the power and water lines and inspect for clogging or damage like bulging or restriction. Should you need a replacement, Landers Appliance has a full supply of parts for all your major household appliances. They can also replace it for you!

Dismantled Control Arm

Many ice makers have a control arm that sits in place when the machine is in pause mode, which activates when the ice bin becomes full. If this arm is broken or out of place in any way, it might accidentally stop making ice when it needs to. Check your fridge’s manual for more details, or call Landers Appliance for assistance.

Thermostat Too Low

If your ice maker won’t make ice, it could also be because the thermostat is set too low, causing the water to freeze before it reaches the machine. Consult with the manual for the recommended temperature setting, and call Landers Appliance if you need any appliance repair services!

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