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Why Does My Freezer Frost Up?

Why Does My Freezer Frost Up?

Freezer frost is not a good sign for your freezer. Here’s what to do about it.

Your freezer can be one of the most crucial parts of your kitchen, especially in summer when frozen treats are most popular. However, if you notice ice crystals caked around the interior walls of your freezer or on your frozen foods, you might have a problem. Here’s the answer to why you’ve got freezer frost and how to fix it.

What Is Freezer Frost?

Freezer frost is the ice formed when excess moisture meets the cold air produced by the evaporator coils in the freezer. The moisture is typically warm when it enters the freezer and can come from different sources. If the source of the moisture continues to be present, freezer frost can build up.

Causes of Freezer Frost

The multiple causes of freezer frost include anything from a bad habit to an internal mechanical problem. One cause is leaving the freezer door open for too long. The prolonged exposure to warmer air will mix with the freezer air and cause excess ice to form.

Another cause is putting warm food in the freezer. The heat from the food needs to go somewhere, and the warm, moist air mixing with the evaporator coil air will not go well together. It is best to wait until the food is cool before packing it in the freezer.

A common and simple mechanical issue is a broken gasket. The gasket is the rubber seal that insulates the freezer compartment from the outside. If the gasket is not doing its job, warm air will enter and cold air will escape continually.

Other mechanical problems could include a malfunctioning thermostat, defrost timer, etc.

Freezer Frost Removal

The best way to remove freezer frost is not to chip away at it with a knife, as many might think. Trying to excavate your freezer opens up the risk of damaging the freezer itself or the tool you are using. The best option is to unplug the freezer, let the ice melt by itself, and clean up the remains. Of course, remember to store your refrigerator and freezer’s goods somewhere cool in the meantime.

How to Prevent Freezer Frost

Preventing freezer frost is as easy as having a properly functioning freezer and taking care to keep the door closed as much as possible and keep hot foods out. Learn more about how to prevent freezer frost here. If you need professional repair to fix your freezer frost, call Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD!

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