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What Is a Steam Dryer?

What Is a Steam Dryer?

A steam dryer is the newest kind of clothes dryer that has features you might want for your next appliance.

Washers and dryers are a seemingly mundane part of life, but for the average person, they are appliances that make life that much easier. Today’s washers and dryers are a far cry from the days when scrubbing clothes in the rivers were the norm. However, even laundry machines can develop further. One of the newest types of dryers today is called the steam dryer. What does it do, and is it worth it? Find out more below.

What Is a Steam Dryer?

A steam dryer is a type of clothes dryer that intersperses steam into the barrel at certain times, depending on the cycle. The machine dries clothes just the way a normal dryer would, bringing out moisture from the load with hot air and directing that moist, hot air out of the house. However, a steam dryer can also add steam either directly or through a cold mist that becomes hot in the barrel.

Problems Steam Dryers Solve

Adding steam to a dryer may seem counterintuitive, but it actually solves quite a few common problems with washers and dryers today. First, it helps reduce wrinkles in clothing. It acts as a built-in iron that prevents those lines and creases from forming. 

Second, it does away with static. Moisture zaps out static, so you won’t have to deal with tiny electric shocks, sticking fabrics, or hair flying when you fold the clothes. 

Third, it can help refresh your clothing and remove odors without having to put your load through a full wash. It can capture odors, lightly moisten, and dry your clothing while saving significant water, power, and costs.

Practical Applications

Since we have covered the problems that steam dryers solve, what would using one look like in everyday life? A steam dryer could allow you to solve all the problems mentioned above when drying your clothes regularly, namely wrinkles and static. If you have shirts or other garments that are prone to wrinkling, investing in this machine could be a wise move. 

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to take out your dry laundry load immediately, having the machine gently keep your clothes fresh in the meantime could save you some ironing later on. Overall, steam is a great way to clean.

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