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Why Clothes Smell After Washing or Drying

Why Clothes Smell After Washing or Drying

Got smelly clothes after washing or drying them? It could be for one of these reasons.

If you are reading this article, you are likely dealing with a case of smelly clothing after a wash or dry cycle. Obviously, washers and dryers should leave clothes smelling fresh and clean, but sometimes, one can be left with a sour, mildewy, charred, or chemically odor. If this is the case, here are a few possible answers to the conundrum.

Overloaded Washer

If your washer is churning out foul-smelling laundry, it could be that you are simply overloading the machine. The most efficient use of your washer and dryer is to put in loads that are not too large and not too small, dense enough to comfortably fill the barrel. The amount of detergent you use corresponds with the load size. Creating that balance will help you achieve a thorough clean.

Moldy Washer

If your washer smells like it has mold and mildew, your clothes could be affected. Front-loading washing machines do a better cleaning job than top-loading ones, but they are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth. If this is your problem, put your machine through a hot cycle with a cup of white vinegar as the detergent. Rewash your clothes and put them in the sun if you can.

Clothes Left Damp

It never hurts to wash your washing machine now and again. However, it might not be your washer’s fault that your clothes smell musty or moldy. It may be that you’ve left them in there for too long before putting them in the dryer. It’s best to make a habit of transferring your wet clothes into the dryer as soon as possible so they don’t get musty.

Broken Dryer

If your dryer leaves your clothes smelling burnt, that should be a red alert. Clothes dryers are one of the top causes of house fires yearly, often because people failed to clean the lint tray regularly, the dryer was too close to the wall, or a part of the machinery malfunctioned. If an overstuffed lint tray isn’t the issue, call Landers Appliance.

Contaminated House

Believe it or not, it could be the air in your house that is making your clothing smell after drying. Have you been working on a home improvement project lately? Have you been painting the walls, or replacing drywall or flooring? Dust, chemicals, and other contaminants from the house can go into the dryer as it suck air in to dry your laundry. Airing and cleaning out the house should do the trick.

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