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How to Detect an Oven Gas Leak

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Don’t let an oven gas leak spring up by surprise!

The winter holidays are a time of festive cheer and feasting, but it is also a time when fire safety is of the utmost concern. Of course, you never know what could happen throughout the year and one should always be vigilant and prepared. Do not let emergencies catch you off guard; here’s how to detect an oven gas leak no matter the season.

How to Detect an Oven Gas Leak

Sulfuric Smell

If there is a gas leak in your home at all, you may notice a smell like rotten eggs or rotten cabbage. It comes from the chemical mercaptan, which utility companies add to help homeowners detect an otherwise odorless natural gas leak.

Toxic Gas Detector

Don’t rely on this safety feature alone to sound the alarm. Install a toxic gas detector in your home at key points, such as in your kitchen. Use a toxic gas monitor that can detect all kinds of poisonous gasses and not just carbon monoxide.

Acetate Strips

Acetate strips change color when they are in the presence of toxic gasses. They are the cheapest way to tell if you have an oven gas leak, but it is better to use them as a testing tool and not as a gas leak monitor.

The Bubbly Soap Test

If you want to get even more scientific with it, you can shake a solution of dish soap and water in an atomizer and spray it onto the gas line where you suspect a leak. If the solution begins to bubble, it indicates that gas is escaping and forming bubbles as it escapes.

Dying Plants

If it is a very slow gas leak, you might not notice it for a while. However, your houseplants would. If your plants are suddenly dying despite general health otherwise, it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Unusual Flame Color

What about the oven itself? How can you tell it is from your range? If the stovetop flames are any color other than blue, something isn’t right. 


Toxic gasses, particularly carbon monoxide, cause lightheadedness and asphyxiation. If you feel unusually lightheaded in your kitchen or home, get out and get fresh air. 

What to Do If You Detect an Oven Gas Leak

If you suspect an oven gas leak in your home, get out of the house at once and call your local utility company to inspect and secure your home. Do not turn on your oven, as it will combust.

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