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Should You Keep Your Freezer Full?

Should You Keep Your Freezer Full?

A well-stocked fridge is a nice sight, but is it necessary for maintaining it?

It is healthy to ask questions, and one that you might ask is whether or not you should keep your freezer full. You might wonder if it is just a refrigerator myth. Besides, what savings can you gain from keeping your freezer fuller than not? Should you keep your freezer full? Here’s why it is generally a good idea after all.

Should You Keep Your Freezer Full?

Frozen Goods Keep Other Goods Frozen

The more cold mass there is in an insulated space, the less room there is for warm air to make its home and infuse the objects therein. Frozen objects help to keep other frozen objects cold. It makes sense, as you might group frozen goods together when bagging groceries. Bunching frozen goods together helps preserve them.

Preserve Food Against Temperature Fluctuations and Outages

Your frozen goods will experience minimal temperature fluctuations and differences from time to time. If you have a freezer that cools provisions unevenly, you open your freezer now and then, or you experience a power outage, the mass of frozen goods will help preserve each other against the threat of warm air.

Get Minimal Energy Savings

The freezer has to work less to keep your frozen items frozen the colder the air is. Do these energy savings amount to much on your energy bill? The difference may not be staggering, but various researchers seem to agree that minimal energy savings do exist.

Additional Freezer Maintenance Tips

Use Up Older Frozen Food

Frozen food won’t stay in great condition forever. You will need to use it eventually. Otherwise, you’ll have wasted energy in what you stored and lost. If you don’t have enough food to create a freezer that’s ¾ full, you can use newspapers, foam, ice packs, and bottles of water to create bulk.

Don’t Pack the Freezer Too Full

Remember to leave some breathing room in your freezer so that air can circulate. Healthy air circulation will help preserve your provisions all the more.

Don’t Put Warm Goods into the Freezer

Don’t put anything in the freezer that isn’t somewhat cold already. At the very least, don’t store anything warm in the freezer. It could cause its container to crack or ice crystals to form outside it from precipitation.

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